25 Apr


Hey girl hey!!!

So, if you somehow managed to stumble upon this page, looked at the title and thought; Black Girl at PWI Problems?… I have plenty of those!, I’m 99% sure that some blonde- or brunette- elliptical loving, policy drafting, self-acclaimed ally- white-liberal-in-disguise has greeted you with the oh-so-annoying “Hey girl hey!” Or maybe, just maybe, it was a simple yet classic, “Hey girl!,” or even a “Hey boo!” accompanied by a forty-five degree neck tilt and a Z-snap?  Whichever cardinal you-know-damn-well-and-good-you-don’t-talk-to-anybody-else-like-that sin it was… you’ve been the victim of an acute crime.

Okay, so a crime may be too much… but it’s definitely hella annoying. From the drastic changes in vernacular, to the hair-petting, and all of the random Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls in between, life at a PWI can be a bit daunting. But it can be entertaining as well. Admit it!.. you had fun at that one Toga Party freshman year and even when you’re transferring to Howard three times a week, you’ve had good times at your PWI.

BlackGirlatPWI wants to cover everything about college life for Black women across the country-the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll be publishing blog posts a few times a week and welcome requests!

Peace, Love, and PWIs,



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